Fight Hair Loss Using Rogaine (Minoxidil) ? – An Honest Rogaine Review

Androgenic Alopecia, Male Pattern Baldness, Thinning Hair… the list of names for the ailment that almost 80% of men and 40% of women experience is endless, unfortunately, so is the the stress associated with it. Most of us try to fight it because we feel like our hair is part of our identity.

Rogaine extra strength
Rogaine extra strength

Who wouldn’t feel that way? Since the beginning of time humans have been looking for the fountain of youth. Metaphorically speaking, the fountain of youth is our cosmetic appearance in today’s society. If we look young, we feel young, or that’s the motto anyways. One tell-tale sign that you “look” older is thinning to balding hair.

For me, as a 25 year old male, I am devastated by this everyday. I hate watching my hair fall out when I shower, comb, or even sleep! When I wake up to see my long, beautiful, light-brown hairs all over my pillow I shed a tear for everyone. I’m not serious about the shedding a tear part, but I do take pride and care in my hair so I would be lying if I said that I would be okay with losing it.

Rogaine extra strength drug facts
Rogaine extra strength drug facts

So, I did what any 25-year old male would do this day and age.. I GOOGLED it! The first thing that popped up was a bunch of advertisements for Rogaine.

Of course, I had already heard of Rogaine but it was never relevant to me until my hair started to thin. After combining the internet for every Rogaine review and information I learned two things.

  1. Minoxidil is one of few products approved by the FDA and proven to prevent hair loss and regrow hair.
  2. A lot of reviews on the internet are bullshit! Of the ones I deemed to be real, I was able to gather the product has its limitations but it did indeed work.

After doing my due diligence I decided to go out to and purchase a 3-month supply of the Rogaine solution.

The Rogaine Review Begins

I am not usually the type to read a box or instructions before I use something (typical man I guess) but this subject is kind of important to me so I took my time. As you will see in the pictures above. The main active ingredient in Rogaine is Minoxidil.

The other main thing I would like to point out here is that Rogaine is only FDA approved to regrow hair on the vertex, otherwise referred to as the crown. If you plan on using rogaine for a receding hairline or frontal balding in general you are out of luck. At least according to the manufacturer. I read many reviews by honest dudes saying that they had some success using it there, so it may not be a totally lost cause. However, in my particular case I was only concerned with the vertex anyway, at the time at least.

My balding started on the back of my head so I had no issues with the lack of treatment to a receding hairline. I began using Rogaine twice a day and leaving it in for about 30 minutes. About a week in, I noticed this intense irritation every time I used the Rogaine. I was already dealing with some scalp problems at the time so I attributed it to that, and not the rogaine. Rogaine is an alcohol soluble formula though which may have actually been very bad for my scalp but that the time I was none the wiser.

Roughly 6 months in I did notice that my hair had become thicker than before. I did not take before and after pictures, but to be perfectly honest I had a pretty full head of hair at the time so you probably wouldn’t have noticed the difference anyway. I realized that my head was thicker when my boss pointed it out one day. You see, I am a clerk at at a gas station putting myself through college. My boss has over-head cameras at the gas station with eagle eye views of the registers. I should probably note that my aforementioned boss has been my friend since childhood so he can say anything he wants to me. Anyway, one day, my boss walks out of his office and says to me, “Your bald spot is disappearing” . I’ve got to admit, it took kind of a load off my shoulders.

It sounds like my Rogaine review is coming to an end right? In a perfect world, I could have used Minoxidil for the next 5-10 years and put off this balding thing till I am relatively old. I ain’t that lucky. No more than a month after my boss made that comment about my bald spot, I began experiencing some weird feelings. Shortness of breath and the scarier one, a rapid heartbeat. It wasn’t only that the heartbeat was rapid, I was experiencing some heart palpitations. Almost every other deep breath I took I felt my heart literally skip a beat. If you have never felt this before it basically feels like your heart jumps an inch out of your chest. I experienced this for a few days before it got really bad one day and I decided to admit myself to the hospital. After a bunch of tests and an incredible amount of waiting I learned that I was using too much Rogaine. I had no one to blame but myself. I asked the doctor if the combination of my scalp irritation and the excess use of Rogaine could have added further to the problem. He replied something along the lines of “I am not a Dermatologist but I would venture to say that if you have a cracked, dry, or irritated scalp it may be absorbing more of the alcohol and minoxidil than was safe for my body to handle”. An intelligent perspective if you ask me. Since my scalp issue was dryness, I decided not to add to fuel to the fire by using an alcohol soluble formula. And that is pretty much the end of my Rogaine review. Although before quitting using Rogaine I did read a good amount of reviews from hair loss communities which stated that after switching to using Rogaine foam they no longer had scalp irritation. Have you used Rogaine foam? Was it less irritating to you? Please leave a comment below!

The Rogaine Review Continued… Kind of – Other Minoxidil Options

If you aren’t already aware, once you start using Minoxidil it is strongly recommended that you do not stop. Not as long as you want to keep that beautiful hair you have been fighting to grow. So that fact put me in a certain predicament. Do I give up on the almost 10 months of fighting to prevent my hair loss? I said to myself, I can’t be the first person with this problem.

I set out to smartest friend in the world again (A.K.A Google) and began asking the questions I needed answers to. Is there a Minoxidil solution that does not use alcohol as an inactive ingredient? It was tough to find an answer at first because I didn’t really know what I was looking for at first. I began just reading the ingredients of any minoxidil based product I could find and somehow I finally ended up at Spectral DNC. Please read my review on Spectral DNC here.


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