Hair Loss – Genetic And Environmental Factors

Most healthy individuals lose about fifty to one hundred strands of hair daily, only from combing and natural shedding. Baldness may be a result of injury or other external causes. Many individuals are genetically predisposed to having bare spots and thinning hair line. This applies to both women and men. Luckily, there are several alternatives to repair hair loss for both genetic and environmental causes. Let’s look at some causes for baldness.

Women, for instance, may find losing lots of hair only after giving birth. This is due to a fall in the women estrogen amount after childbirth. This will readily repair itself as the hair loss is temporary and the women should regain their regular hair fullness within one year. A standard anxiety related hair loss in women and men is really both genetic and external. Men produce lots of testosterone; occasionally, a few of these hormones can have negative effects. There are a number of vitamins and nutritional supplements to help fight the negative effects of DHT. Nutritional Supplements including saw palmetto has demonstrated to help reduce the DHT blockage of hair follicles, help encourage hair regrowth, and even assist in preventing prostate cancer! Over the counter vitamin nutritional supplements aren’t FDA controlled and they may not have been laboratory tested. Make sure you consult a doctor prior to taking any nutritional supplements.

Another clear environmental factor that can cause hair loss is hair styling and handling. It’s a rule of thumb to avoid too many chemicals, alcohol and sulfates as they are able to weaken the hair and irritate the scalp. Luckily, there are a number of affordable over-the-counter hair products that work. Read the hair product label, makes sure you’re not sensitive to any ingredients. Trial and error will result in deciding upon the correct product for you.

You might also consider consulting a dermatologist. If your hair loss is a result of injury to the skin, including burning, a dermatologist may recommend medicated topical lotions or grafting and operation to replace the hair loss. Baldness is common. Regardless of what your scenarios is, remember to do research before you have any hair treatments. It’s always wise to consult a physician for a safe and powerful remedy for baldness.

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