HairMax Laser Comb Review – The not-so Science of Hair Growth


I am sure many of you, like myself, have spent countless hours trying to find a solution for hair loss and come across every possible advertisement the internet felt pertinent to serve you. We click them hoping that the answer to our problems is a just a click away. Well, I’ve clicked thousands of links and I probably won’t stop clicking until I find a way or the inevitable happens. One day, a long time ago, the inevitable happened when I clicked a link to the HairMax Laser Comb. My eyes widened when I landed on their beautiful website. It’s perfectly laid out to capture your attention and the product itself is very sleek and captivating so one can’t help but be enthused when they see the product in its full glory for the first time. Of course, a great website comes with a great slogan. “HairMax – The Science of Hair Growth” in nice, large print at the top of your screen. Such a brilliant marketing team behind this product. Scroll down a bit to find some very, very convincing before and after photos. Don’t start to throw your money at the screen just yet because really nice packages are usually compensating for something.

3 HairMax Laser Comb Sales Pitches – Advance 7, Lux 9 (discontinued), and Professional 12

HairMax Advance 7
hairmax advanced 7 lasercomb
HairMax Pro 12HairMax Pro 12
iRestore Laser Hair HelmetiRestore Laser Hair Growth System
FDA-Cleared Hair Growth Laser Device – Treats Hair Loss, Thinning Hair in Men and Women – FDA-cleared home-use medical device. FDA-Cleared Hair Loss Treatment for Men and Women with Thinning Hair
Stimulates Denser, Fuller Hair Growth Clinically proven to treat hair loss and promote hair growth in both women and men. Laser Cap Uses Regrowth Therapy Similar to Combs, Brushes to Grow Thicker, Fuller Hair

Three products starting out at just $295.00. That’s for the HairMax Advance 7 which has 7 laser diodes, as if the name didn’t indicate it already, and is recommended for use 3 times a week for 15 minute sessions. The HairMax Pro 12 comes with 2 more lasers than its predecessor but costs a whopping $150 more! 2 lasers for $150 bucks is ridiculous but as with anything in this market, IF it has promise to restore me to my former glory with a thick mop masking my scalp, I’m ready to read my credit card numbers.

hairmax-lasercomb-before-and-after-picturesWhile it adds a hefty increase to weight that’s going to be removed from your wallet, the HairMax (De)Lux(e) 9 (no longer sold, and was replaced by Professional 12 model) boasts that it only requires an 11 minute session. Two-hundred dollars to save 4 minutes isn’t exactly the greatest sales pitch I’ve ever heard so I instinctively thought “There must be something else. I was right! You get an awesome 12 minute timer, rechargeable battery, and… Oh wait that’s it. Still not sold? Take a look at the top-of-the-line model, A.K.A The HairMax Professional 12 which has a crazy amount of, you guessed it, 12 laser diodes pricing at just $545. It’s only $50 more than the one before it so it looks like the better deal. Plus it says you only have to use it for 8 minutes. Let’s recap:

HairMax Advance 7 7 Laser Diodes 3x Per Week 15 Minute Sessions
HairMax Lux 9 (Was replaced by Professional 12) 9 Laser Diodes 3x Per Week 11 Minute Sessions
HairMax Professional 12 12 Laser Diodes 3x Per Week 8 Minute Sessions

If all that doesn’t impress you, HairMax offers a 5 month Money-back Guarantee so you don’t have to worry.

HairMax Review – The Truth!

OK, I am done with that barnacle of a sales pitch up there. The fact of the matter is, after I got all googly-eyed and dumb over this Jedi hair growing device, I did my research. I wondered if these laser combs were actually even scientifically effective. The theoretical science of Photo Biostimulation has extremely positive results but no one is willing to say for certain that the cold lasers used in LLLT (low level light therapy) and hair growth related to it is of the direct causation or correlation type.

Thus still making it a theoretical science. However, upon doing all of my LLLT research I came across a laser helmet or two and few hundred forum threads related to the topic. Whilst gathering knowledge on the subject of LLLT I found whispers of a man they call “OMG” which is short for OverMachoGrande. This was one guys handle on almost all the forums that can be found related to hair loss. When it came to the subject of LLLT this guy was the biggest advocate of the science because he promoted his one website and product in the process. The fact of the matter is that OverMachoGrande is a very knowledgeable man on the matter and everyone in the hair loss communities knows it. After sponging a bunch of information from stalking OMG’s thread posts I took to his website to see what else he had to offer.

I came across in article that I have posted about before in my iGrow Laser helmet review. The article on OverMachoGrande’s website is called “Your Laser Device Isnt/Wont be strong enough”. The reason I refer to it is because he makes direct comments toward the necessity of receiving roughly 6 joules per square inch to gain any positive results for the practice of Photo Biostimulation. Speaking of direct comments, he also makes an example out the HairMax Laser Comb itself. An extract from his website reads

I’ve seen calculations that you need to use a HairMax for 400 minutes to get the proper dosage!!! …And the average dose a user would get from a normal, average usage period is about 1/2 a joule.

Half of a joule? That can’t be right, how could people be getting positive results if there is only half a joule? I’ll get to that. After seeing that paragraph written by OverMachoGrande, I took it upon myself to find out where he got his information and some math. Well, I asked Google to do some math for me. Anyhow, I found the manuals for the HairMax Advance 7 and the HairMax Lux 9 in order to figure out what the power output of each one of these laser diodes was. It wasn’t hard considering the information I was looking for was in a big, table-style box with all the HairMax specifications nicely laid out.


As you will see above, the HairMax Laser Comb’s power output is stated to be less than 5mW. I did the math on that and 5mW equals 0.005 J/s (joules per second). If you multiply that by 780 which is how many seconds are in 13 minutes (the suggested usage time for the HairMax Advance 7) you will get 3.9 joules per second. You now multiply that by 7 diodes and you get an amazing 27.3 joules per second. This is beginning to sound like the real deal right and OMG was wrong about his calculations right? Alas, we forgot to factor in how many square inches we had to cover. The average human scalp is about 120 square inches. Close to half of that affected by Male Pattern Baldness. So let’s do that math one more time.

5mW = 0.005 J/s

0.005 J/s * 780 (seconds in 13 minutes) = 3.9 J/s

3.9 J/s * 7 diodes = 27.3 J/s

27.3 J/s % 60 square inches = 0.455 J/s

Look at that, I went out to have a pissing contest with a guy I knew was well educated in the matter and I lost. Just as OverMachoGrande stated the HairMax Laser Comb give you at best ½ a joule of energy per square inch. These manufacturers know goodand well that the science proclaimed to regrow hair dictates that 4 – 6 joules per square inch is optimum for hair growth purposes. Don’t forget that I gave them the benfit of the doubt in this HairMax review because they state LESS than 5mW. I did my calculations based on exactly 5mW. This is why the HairMax review comes to a screeching conclusion. If this solid science and math behind my HairMax review isn’t enough to help you make an objective decision perhaps you should seek refuge in the HairMax review at Amazon. Although, you won’t find much cover as the majority of their reviews are of the one star phenotype. You know your product isn’t a hit with the customers when there are more one star than 3 and 4 stars combined. The worst thing is, if you’re a real cynic like me, then 75% of the 5 star and 50% of the 4 star reviews are the company themselves. Who really knows when it comes to reviews on Amazon for sure. Check out reviews on hair loss forums if you want to see some more of the truths written about here. There is one thing that’s for sure and that is the math done above. I hope this helps anyone who wants to spend $550 dollars on a HairMax Laser Comb.


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