Treating Alopecia With Acupuncture


In regards to baldness, you may believe you’ve attempted everything. There are a number of alternative treatments for conditions like alopecia. One of which is gaining in popularity and has been helpful for many individuals is acupuncture.

It’s been found there is a gene that controls alopecia. Regrettably, little more is known than that, so there still is not a remedy for it. A growing number of individuals are feeling the changes of this condition and it does not matter what gender the sufferer is. The amount of products and the amount of money spent each year continues to grow. Unfortunately, this is squandered on products that largely don’t work, make matters worse, or cause other problems. That is why many people are turning back to early Eastern medical practices. It’s presumed that prostaglandins may be the offender, but that’s only a theory now.

As for how acupuncture helps alopecia sufferers, it’s quite similar to how it’s used for other conditions. Unlike a few other kinds of acupuncture, the affects can be more successful when using internal and external herbal treatments as part of the acupuncture treatment strategy. In this situation, especially formulated shampoos and scalp washes. One acupuncture technique popular to treat this illness is micro-current stimulation near the scalp. The pins set correctly in this region help enhance nutrients and blood circulation to the scalp that help with supporting new hair growth.

These treatments require a little time like most acupuncture treatments. Having said that, the six to nine month anticipated treatment is usually for those that have just found their baldness. If you’ve been losing hair for a longer duration of time, you should expect treatments to be longer. Your qualified acupuncturist should create a personal plan and treatment for your particular needs instead of one that’s a “one size fits all” treatment. Every alopecia sufferer has distinct needs, so they need a customized treatment strategy.

While Eastern medicine generally gets a bad reputation as being unproven, dangerous, or simply silly, don’t discount it for treating your baldness. A lot of the naysayers are proponents of western treatments that show year after year they are inefficient, but continue to sell like there is no tomorrow. If you’ve exhausted all these resources, you should try going to an experienced acupuncturist to treat your alopecia.

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