Xeljanz Arthritis Drug Cures Baldness! Well, One Time Anyway…

Shout Out to Kyle Rhodes!

You read that right, but it may not be the saving grace we’re all hoping for. A young guy named Kyle Rhodes suffered from Alopecia Areata Universalis. A disease that is believed to be most likely inherited genetically that can be triggered at any time in life. Unfortunately for this young man, he has been suffering from it from a very young age. School as a kid was hard enough, and I believed myself to be a good-looking Alpha at the time. He stated in a few articles I read that kids made rogaine jokes at him and called him “skinhead”. I couldn’t imagine being put in his shoes. At my age now, I have nothing but absolute respect for you Kyle Rhodes. Guess what bro, if you read this I want you to take solace in the fact that most of those kids that taunted you are going to end up bald while you still have your hair and the shoe will be on the other foot. Take pride in yourself, and enjoy those locks bud. I know I would.

Xeljanz Baldness Cure – One Hit Wonder?

Ok, now that my respects have been paid to what is sure to be one tough dude, I can carry on with what I think everyone wants to know. Should I buy of some this Xeljanz Baldness Cure you speak of? Well the fact of the matter is that its going to cost you about 25,000 Dollars a year if you don’t have insurance so I wouldn’t break out the money-trap just yet. On the other hand if your before and after pictures were sure too look like this…

Kyle Rhodes – Before and After 2
Kyle Rhodes – Before and After

Twenty-five thousand ain’t sounding to bad now huh? The thing is some Yale doctor decided to take a chance on this guy based on the premise that both arthritis and Alopecia Areata are presumed to be auto-immune diseases. Truth be told, there is not a lot of explanation behind what causes auto-immune disorders. Some of them, like Alopecia Areata, are still presumed to be genetic, but no concrete evidence is given to the fact. Some people even theorize that Androgenic Alopecia is an underlying auto-immune disease. So the big question is going to be, will Xeljanz cure anrogenic alopecia and not just Totalis and Universalis sufferers. To be frank, no one really knows because no one has the gall to try. Rightfully so because the drug is reported to have give the users a potentially increased risk of cancer and decrease defense against certain types of infections like Tuberculosis.

All in all, I would take the risk to keep my hair if it meant I didnt have to risk losing the ability to use Junior đŸ˜‰ like propecia holds. If someone wants to donate 25K to me, Ill be happy to be their guinea pig, until then, good luck on the search folks! If you need inspiration just watch the video below.


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